About Eleccio

The birth of gel like nail lacquer came as an answer to the question, “How do I get the effects of a high shine, super plump gel manicure that lasts thru long wear without the exposure to long soak-offs in pure acetone and dangerous UV curing that has harmful side effects and premature aging?” At Eleccio, we are all about promoting hand and nail nutrition. Eleccio promises to offer products that are safe and free of harmful chemicals.

We know you love a good UV gel manicure and we want to provide all of those same benefits while giving your hands the gentle TLC they deserve. We know we aren’t the pioneers of gel like and we know that our consumers are not easily impressed by gimmicks and trendy marketing claims. One thing we are sure of at Eleccio, is that we will consistently keep your beauty products safe, nourishing and affordable while continuing our research and development efforts to bring the latest innovations to your beauty arsenal. We will always work toward discovering the unknown factors that many people often overlook when selecting products so that we can make sure you’re using a product not only with the latest beauty trends but also with your safety in mind. Let us save you the need of worrying if you are using a safe, quality product. If it’s Eleccio, it’s good for you!

Our Promise…

5-Free: Eleccio is a 5-free gel like lacquer which means our formula has eliminated 5 of the most dangerous chemicals found in most nail polishes today. We ensure all our products are safe to use.

Cruelty Free: Eleccio is a cruelty-free brand an is committed to ending animal testing. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf.

Vegan Friendly: Eleccio certifies that our products marked vegan do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. We have an ongoing initiative with our laboratories to create shades that are vegan from the start.